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By | 16 October, 2021

Elelive ios is an online live streaming application. This place gathers a series of beautiful girls with many attractive games. Promises to bring you an interesting entertainment space.

Live apps have been and are becoming the focus of attention of many people. Especially young people. Just entered the Vietnamese market but Elelive iphone attracted a large number of subscribers. This livestream app gives users a lot of attractive utilities. Let’s learn about this hotlive right below.

Overview of Elelive ios app

When the internet boomed, many new applications were born. In particular, the hotlive became the address that many people searched for and registered. Elelive is one of the hotlive apps that many people appreciate for its quality and attractive features. So what is this app? What are the salient features?


Elelive iphone is a hot online live streaming application today. This application is created by media company LIVESTREAM. Not only appearing in Vietnam, but this application is also widely distributed in many Asian and European countries.

Overview of Elelive ios app

This application is built extremely special. This is the livestream space of a series of hotgirls. You can comfortably chat, admire the beauty of these girls anytime, anywhere. Along with that is participating in the attractive games integrated inside such as fainting, dice, crab election, card game, …

Each game gives the participant a lot of chances to win. There have been many people who have won great gifts when watching livestreams and big bonuses when participating in games in the app. It can be said that this is a great entertainment application that everyone should not ignore during this holiday season.

Highlights of the application

Appearance Elelive ios version created a special attraction for people. This application has created a great competitive power with other live streaming apps on the market. Although recently introduced, the number of registered users using this app is still increasing. So what outstanding features does this hotlive possess?

  • App can livestream online, through which to chat, make friends with beautiful girls
  • Users can also upload videos themselves or watch videos of friends. In particular, users can also turn themselves into idols based on their talents in talking, singing, dancing, etc.
  • The operations in the application can be done easily
  • The App is also integrated with many attractive games with extremely high bonuses

Outstanding advantages of Elelive ios ipab . application

It is no coincidence that when it appeared in the market in a short time, this hotlive has received great popularity from users. Not only owns a beautiful interface design, but this application also integrates a lot of attractive features. Specifically:

Integrate many attractive features

One of the most outstanding advantages of this app is owning outstanding features. Bringing users interesting and wonderful entertainment experiences.

  • The address to watch and interact with beautiful girls livestream is convenient, easy and completely free.
  • Integrate many attractive games with high winning odds
  • User information is kept safe, not leaked to 3rd parties.
  • The App offers many attractive incentive programs for users on card top-ups, % promotions, etc.

Beautiful interface, outstanding

The next plus point for this app is the scientifically designed and beautiful interface. As a live streaming application aimed at young people, the interface of the app when looking at creates a very youthful and dynamic feeling.

The headings are neatly arranged, easy to see and use. Convenient for those who are new to this application for the first time. The colors are harmoniously combined, creating a comfortable feeling and not causing eye strain when watching for too long

Supports all skins

Currently, the app can be installed in any phone interface from Android to IOS. However, the app is still not available on CH Play or the app store, so users need to download it according to the links provided.

Fast loading speed

Users after using this hotlive all appreciate the application’s loading speed. Fast access time, less lag. Guaranteed to give users a smooth, great experience. No need to wait time like in other applications.

Professional care staff

The customer service staff is well-trained and professional. When customers have problems during live or participating in the game, just contact the switchboard. The technical staff will assist you to fix the problems in a timely manner.

So, above is some information about the app. With many outstanding advantages, this application will bring you great experiences. What are you waiting for without downloading this hotlive immediately to your phone to join the conversation with beautiful girls.

Link to install on iphone ipab now for free:

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The ios version can be installed here >> https://elelive.info/tai-elelive-apk/

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